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Checking in on Ivy Tech’s 21st Century Scholars

Completion gains across the institution

When Stanford researcher Dr. Eric Bettinger led a study measuring the impact of InsideTrack coaching, he found that coaching was associated with two different kinds of persistence. Not only did coached students persist in higher rates, the effects of coaching actually persisted long after coaching ended.

Five years after the study was published, InsideTrack Coaching continues to make a lasting impact, supporting institutions in achieving immediate improvements in student performance while setting in motion long-term gains that last for years.

In 2014, InsideTrack partnered with Indiana’s Ivy Tech Community College to provide coaching for first-year 21st Century Scholars, a group that included first-generation and low-income students. In our first report on results, published in our initial 2017 case study, we showed that persistence among coached students increased by 33 percent.

Our most recent update shows how first-year persistence plays out over the course of a college career. Two-year graduation rates for coached students have improved by 77 percent. And the ripple effect from student success has extended throughout the entire institution.

Based on student insights generated through coaching, Ivy Tech made important changes to student services that are now impacting the success of all students — leading to a 45 percent improvement in two-year completion rates among all students.

Download our new Ivy Tech case study to learn more about the results and see the effect of coaching insights at work.

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