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Re-Enrollment & Re-Entry Coaching

Make sure students complete the degree they started

Students leave school for a number of different reasons — most of the time it has nothing to do with your programs and services. We help students reconnect with your institution so their investment — and yours — doesn’t go to waste.

Bring Students Back

Retention Coaching

Keep students on track toward degree completion

Every student experiences roadblocks on the journey from application to graduation. Build your retention numbers and help students build the skills and mindset to persist.

Improve Persistence

Coaching Programs

Equip your students with lifelong skills

Your students should always be able to answer the question, “will my degree be worth it?” With InsideTrack, integrate career preparation and exploration with every stage of the journey, so students graduate with a degree and a career plan in hand.

Enhance Career Support

Training and Consulting

Advance your approach to student success

Infuse your support approach with new techniques, and introduce new practices that will strengthen your team. InsideTrack Training and Consulting works with coaches and managers to integrate coaching methodologies, professional development, quality assurance and more into student support.

Support your Team

Coaching Programs

Pave the way from college access to student success

Supporting first-generation and underrepresented students takes a tailored approach that builds upon their strengths while connecting them with resources. We help institutions improve outcomes for all students, no matter their background or educational experience.

Improve Outcomes for All

Capacity Building

Build a student support program on your own terms

Take a phased approach to evolving your student support program. We help provide enhanced support now while developing a coaching program you can sustain long-term.

Build your Capacity

Prospective Student Coaching

Enroll right-fit students and prepare them for success

Welcoming a new class ready to succeed takes careful nurturing of all interested prospects from the very first point of inquiry. We help institutions provide the outreach and support needed to increase enrollment and shape a strong incoming cohort.

Enroll More Students

Over 2 million students coached and currently serving more than 4,000 programs nationwide:


improvement in enrollment conversion at Penn State.

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increase in low-income, first-gen persistence at Ivy Tech.

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in additional revenue from the Coaching program at Florida State.

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