InsideTrack works with colleges and universities to improve
student and institutional success

Our one-on-one student coaching, process expertise, analytics and technology have been proven to increase enrollment and graduation rates, and enhance the student experience.

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InsideTrack works with a broad range of students and institutions

Undergraduate  Graduate  Professional  International  Out of State  First Generation
Low Income  Military  Online  Ground  Public  Private  Selective  Open  Access

Impactful and cost-effective

The results are clear: coaching had a clear impact on retention and completion rates. And not only does coaching improve the likelihood students will remain in college, but expenditures on coaching are much smaller than the costs of other methods to encourage persistence in college.

Eric Bettinger, Associate Professor of Education
Stanford University School of Education

By providing me with an InsideTrack Coach, I felt that the university cared a lot about my happiness and success as a student.

Sierra Rankrow
Undergraduate Student

The InsideTrack Catalyst platform is the most advanced technology and analytics system

Coaching Platform  Data + Analysis  Coaching Methodology

Helping you turn data into insights and insights into action

InsideTrack has deep relationships with our students, gathers detailed information on ways to make them more successful, and distills this information into insightful summaries on which we can take concrete action.

Earl Frischkorn, Vice President of Operations
DeVry Online

We invest heavily in attracting, retaining and developing outstanding people

InsideTrack’s chief intellectual property is their training and coaching strategies, and their ability to pick people who are really quite wonderful at working with students to help them succeed.

Margaret “Peg” Miller, Professor of Education & Executive Editor of Change Magazine
University of Virginia

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