Strong Start guides your students through the start of their college careers and sets them on the path toward a rewarding academic future.

  • Prospective

  • Active

  • Alumni

  • Prospective Yield

    • Connect students to resources
  • Active Term 1

    • Prepare for add, drop, withdrawal deadlines
    • Build time management and study skills
    • Identify obstacles
  • Active Term 2

    • Add, drop, withdrawal deadlines

With Strong Start Coaching, ensure all students can lay the foundation for a successful college journey.

By offering tailored support at the start of the student journey, institutions can:
  • Establish a personal connection and start building a relationship with students upon enrollment
  • Connect students with institutional resources prior to the first day of class
  • Show students how to manage their busy schedules
  • Prepare students to overcome potential challenges that could derail their progress
  • Engage with students on their terms, the way they prefer through multichannel communication

Help your students start strong and persist toward completion and career success.

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