InsideTrack Coaches Provide Critical Support via Text Messages

InsideTrack Coaches often chat with students over the phone. However, more and more meetings occur via text message as many students, especially millennials, tend to engage more in this medium. Interactions take many forms: from a simple question-and-answer session or a longer conversation to resolve an issue, develop a strategy or offer reassurance and support.

In the example below, Laura struggled academically as her father passed away during the fall semester. She feared losing her scholarship. Without a scholarship, she would lose her chance at a college education. The text exchange below illustrates how InsideTrack Coach Kimmy Benson helped Laura put together a plan to take action rather than be overwhelmed by the fear and shame of the situation. The text exchange has been shortened for clarity and brevity.

 COACH TIP: Make sure student fully understands the situation before discussing a solution

 COACH TIP: Blend informative and developmental coaching: student has hope for resolution but needs to feel empowered to find the resources she needs to solve the problem herself after the meeting

 COACH TIP: Empowerment comes from taking ownership of the situation and learning the skills to find the knowledge oneself

 COACH TIP: Build commitment and resilience by helping the student create plans and back-up plans

 COACH TIP: Make sure students not only know next steps but also know the information they want to take away from upcoming appointments

Note: Laura did get aid for summer, took two classes, got B’s in both, and continued into Sophomore year above a 2.0.


Student name has been changed

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