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Engagement Equals Success

Engagement equals success

The ability to improve student outcomes through coaching, advising, tutoring and other support services is  dependent on effectively engaging students with these services. Leveraging the best in adaptive technologies, student development theory and behavioral science research, we can help drive engagement that leads to lasting positive results.

A multichannel student engagement strategy greatly increases the likelihood of engaging students in need. By offering additional communication channels, students will more likely, and more deeply, engage.

Tangible results

Student engagement tools and strategies that work

A coach in every student’s pocket

More than 90 percent of adults have a mobile phone, and the majority use smartphones. Our coaches find that more often mobile devices provide the best means to communicate with students. The InsideTrack uCoach® Technology and Analytics Platform leverages a highly adaptive, multichannel approach that gives students access to customized, on-demand content as well as immediate live support. Phone, email, social media and SMS integrate seamlessly within uCoach so connecting with a coach is readily available.

Modules that matter

We work with each institution to select the most relevant content modules from our existing library covering topics from career development and interview techniques to how to read a syllabus and talk to faculty. Using our in-house production studio, we can quickly and efficiently create custom modules to address specific student and institutional needs. Our partners can also quickly adjust or load new content as needed to adapt and respond to students’ needs.

Equity, inclusion and built-in privacy

Research shows underrepresented students depend on smartphones more than other groups for access to important information online. Students of color are three times as likely to rely on smartphones and low-income students as much as 13 times as likely, making mobile content and engagement strategies crucial elements for making an institution more equitable and inclusive. On-demand content and access to live support outside of regular business hours make using student support resources more accessible to busy working adults or students juggling outside responsibilities in addition to school. Students with hearing or visual impairment also appreciate the availability and normalization of a wider range of options that enable greater access.

ADA compliant and then some

By making accessibility and convenience the norm, all students benefit. For example, students living in residence halls or studying in a quiet library appreciate the privacy of text-based conversations with a coach or advisor. Students facing domestic violence can get support safely and discretely. Students driving to school from work can listen to important information streamed through the uCoach app. Meanwhile, students commuting via public transportation can follow the closed captioning in noisy surroundings. Students with different learning styles have the ability to browse multiple options to find the information they need, in a format best suited to their particular needs.

Insights to engage

We continue to learn and look for the best means to engage students in the right way at each institution. We rigorously test our hypotheses, listen to student feedback and examine data to learn what drives engagement and positive behavior change. At one institution, we thought students would want useful information presented in bite-sized videos, but the data suggests that students will more likely read PDFs because they can skim and revisit them. We also learned that text-based conversations can be surprisingly in-depth and developmental.

Hidden in plain sight

Institutions can miss students with their current tools and strategies. We can help identify gaps and launch a plan to reach them.

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