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The partnership between InsideTrack and Brandman has grown into far more than a typical vendor/client relationship. Through their work together, the two organizations unlocked the potential in each other. InsideTrack supported Brandman in building out its student support and change management capabilities while Brandman supported InsideTrack in developing more tailored, impactful and cost-effective ways to engage and support students.



increase in enrollment


increase in persistence


increase in graduation

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The Challenge

Ensure working adults, including a large population of military-connected learners, have the opportunity to enjoy the full benefits of a high-quality education that directly prepares them for career success.

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The Solution

A constantly evolving partnership spanning from 2004 to 2016 with coaching programs and capacity building to increase student enrollment, completion rates, satisfaction and career readiness. To further ensure students’ long-term success, the organizations embedded career coaching into the program.

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