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The importance of career throughout the student journey

Many people think of career coaching as training that occurs during one’s final year in college in preparation for work in the “real world.” InsideTrack views career planning as an integral element in a student’s educational endeavor. To that end, our methodology incorporates career elements throughout the student journey, starting with prospective students. This is because questions about job interest and ways of achieving career goals arise in conversations before students commit to college as well as after they enroll.

We have found that knowing the reason a student chose to attend college and what they want to accomplish postgraduation helps reinforce their efforts when they have to make important decisions or the college experience becomes overwhelming.

Prospective student coaches qualify and help enroll students and assist them in starting strong with realistic expectations. Understanding a student’s career goals helps the coach point the student in the right direction. Coaches can recommend clubs, activities and resources to expand current interests — or spark new ones — to help students define their goals. Campus involvement stimulates excitement and engagement throughout students’ time in college, as well as shaping goals for after they leave.

Coaches ask students why they have chosen to pursue further education, to gauge if they want to advance a current career or start a new one. They help students determine if a particular school or program is a strong fit for what they hope to achieve.

Once a student is enrolled, coaches use a methodology focused on learning the student’s core beliefs and building out their knowledge, skills and attitudes. Career planning has an integral place in these conversations and is referenced throughout the student’s educational journey, as part of a holistic support approach. By incorporating conversations about career throughout the student journey, students reach their final year well prepared for their future direction, rather than scrambling to define one.

Numerous factors play roles in a student’s college success from enrollment to graduation and beyond. At InsideTrack, our coaches see career planning as a fundamental piece of shaping a student’s educational and life trajectory.

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