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Behavioral Science: A Mindset for Learning

Evidence-based behavior change

We create positive behavior change at the individual and organizational level. By leveraging, rather than fighting against, human behavior, our coaching methodology and full suite of solutions help our partners achieve more than they ever thought possible. The lens of behavioral science guides our understanding of students’ decision-making behavior and communication strategies, revealing simple and cost-effective ways to unlock student success.

We’ve committed ourselves to incorporating the latest developments in organizational change science  into our efforts to support your success. Our coaching programs are designed to facilitate a fruitful partnership between our coaches and your student support staff. InsideTrack’s operations professionals are ProsciⓇ Change Practitioners, a firm whose methodologies are employed by the largest corporations, governments, not-for-profit organizations and academic institutions in the world to help them change more successfully. Based on decades of research and practical application, Prosci’s approach is widely recognized as one of the most effective for driving individual and organizational progress.

Personalize the student experience

Students expect highly customized and convenient experiences. Combining behavioral economics strategies and tactics with student development theory, we’ve developed a sophisticated and highly tailored approach to student support that is scalable and easy to implement. In addition to improving student outcomes, this approach also enhances student satisfaction and affinity for the institution. Drawing from the work of researchers and innovators such as Ben Castleman, Carol Dweck, Gregory Walton, Angela Duckworth, and many more, we provide real-world solutions that incorporate:

•  Nudge principles

•  Wise interventions

•  Building academic tenacity, grit and resilience

•  Mitigating identity threat and imposter syndrome

•  Shifting default decisions

•  Meeting students in their status quo

•  Multichannel, adaptive communication

•  Cultivating growth mindset

•  Fostering a sense of belonging

•  Normalizing the student experience

•  Captivating limited attention amidst increasing noise

“What I think is really important and potentially revolutionary about InsideTrack is that they are trying to change these habits and behaviors that are so determinant of success in life and they’re doing it in a systematic way.”
— Angela Duckworth
A nudge in the right direction

Nudge theory is the idea that subtle environmental cues can have profound influences on human behavior and decision making. From priming someone to opt in to receive additional support to submitting financial aid information ahead of schedule, the right nudge can simultaneously improve student engagement and outcomes. This approach builds students’ ownership of their educational experience and frees up valuable time for faculty and staff to focus on high-value interactions with students.

We work with our partners to design custom communication and nudge plans for all stages in the student lifecycle. The uCoach® technology platform allows for fully integrated engagement, tracking and follow up, seamlessly connecting students to self-service, on-demand content and live support.

Lessening information overload

Behavioral scientists know that willpower and cognitive attention are limited resources. The ability to process and act on a constant stream of information eventually fatigues even the most high-functioning individuals. By simplifying and curating information, the most salient, timely and actionable information stands out. Students become more engaged and likely to follow through on key administrative actions. Our uCoach technology platform incorporates these best practices across every communication channel, to captivate students’ attention with the right message at the right time. We also help institutions evaluate their own processes and procedures to reduce unnecessary noise and complexity throughout the student journey in order to drive the behaviors that lead to success.

Timing is everything

Certain conversations and interventions are most effective within very specific windows in the student journey. Wise interventions require relatively small effort upfront that can forever change the trajectory of a student’s educational journey. For example, a conversation to cultivate a sense of belonging or normalize asking for help is best delivered near the beginning of a student’s enrollment. Establishing trust and rapport between a student and their support team is best achieved before problems arise. When support is purely reactive, it’s often delivered too late. Our coaching methodology leverages these windows of opportunity and our training programs empower student support teams to seize important moments. Our coach training prepares student support personnel to recognize key opportunities to incorporate proven effective coaching techniques in the moment.

A mindset for learning

One of the cornerstones of our coaching methodology is a model of the knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs that lead to student success. At the root of this model are the underlying beliefs that shape attitudes and behaviors. Our model equips student support personnel to quickly and accurately identify mindsets that hinder student success. Drawing from a wide range of coaching tools and techniques, coaches are able to help students adopt a growth mindset and reframe setbacks along the way.

For more examples of behavioral science in action, contact us for additional case studies or to explore how these practices could help you unlock potential in your students.


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