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We partner with institutions to create the best scalable program for their students with:

  1. AUTOMATED NUDGES Automated messages sent to large groups of students at predefined intervals reminding students about deadlines, opportunities and resources.
  2. DIGITAL GUIDANCE CONTENT Self-directed resources that provide guidance on key topics and help students develop needed skills.
  3. ENGAGEMENT (TRANSACTIONAL) COACHING Cohort and personalized messages layered on top of digital resources combined with the ability for students to reach out to coaches for additional information and guidance.
  4. ALERTS & DIAGNOSTICS PROTOCOLS A risk monitoring system and personal coaching diagnostic intervention designed to catch students in need and determine what kind of help will deliver the most impact to improve student achievement.
  5. EPISODIC COACHING The delivery of proactive, 1:1 coaching to help students overcome episodic events that have the potential to interfere with the student’s ability to meet goals.
  6. INTENSIVE COACHING The delivery of proactive, 1:1 coaching at regular intervals over a period of time designed to help students develop the skills needed to meet goals.
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Full student view including behavioral analytics with institutional data.

Enhanced data provides insights into student engagement, program measurements, and student strengths and challenges. All of these enable iterative configuration of service delivery, and maximum impact for the student and institution. Plus, a rich, continual flow of data analytics from student/coach interactions help inform institutional decisions on student retention best practices, preemptive measures, reallocation of support resources, optimization of student enrollment, financial aid and other processes and the creation of new platform features and content.

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Adaptive Roster management focused on highest success.

The uCoach platform supports the prioritization of coaching and student interventions through adaptive roster management, which combines unique scoring algorithms, alert monitoring and intervention triggers. It also offers data integration with institutional systems, including student information (SIS), learning management (LMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems and leverages this data to support scoring, early alert monitoring, and delivery of coaching interventions.

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Inventive methods reach students in their preferred communication channel.

Student engagement and motivation is key to success during college and beyond. Each student data profile is further enhanced through student engagement, diagnostic assessments, coach observations, and scoring. Adaptive and continuously enhanced through our work, our uCoach Platform offers students web and mobile apps, multichannel communication, interactive content, empowering coaches to engage students through a broad range of communication channels, including voice, video, email, text, mobile apps and more.

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Our scalable platform gives institutions what they need.

Select a Table:

Feature uCoach Platform
Direct-to-Student Mobile Enablement Platform
iOS, Android, and Desktop (Mac/PC) Experiences
Average Implementation Speed 45 to 60 days
Technology Enhancements Semimonthly
FERPA Compliance
Multi-Level Permissions
Centrally Hosted Solution (Cloud-Based Platform)
Top Tier Data Center
Support for four main browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari)
Disaster Recovery Plan Logical and physical redundancy and fault tolerance across multiple seismic zones
Traffic Encryption SSL
Feature uCoach Platform
Multichannel Approach
Proactive Nudging Across Terms
Targeted Email/Messaging Campaigns
Mapped Intervention Pathways to Support Students
Ability to record phone calls and log all student interactions
Automated Interventions
Rate-Limited Content Volume
Ongoing Learning and Optimization
Logged Communication and Student Actions
Student Intervention Monitoring and Analysis
Content Engagement Analysis
Feature uCoach Platform
Dedicated Consulting
Change Management
Onsite Implementation and Ongoing In-Person Training
Personalized Opportunity Assessments and Launch Plans to Ensure Organizational Readiness
Evolving Content Library for Best Practice Student Communications
Customized Institution Specific Content Creation
Best Practice Sharing, Networking, and Benchmarking
Feature uCoach Platform
Data Inputs Across the Student Lifecycle
Student demographic information
Financial aid
Registration holds
Course progress and early alerts
Student supplied resources
Student Lifecycle Data Coverage Complete (pre-enrollment to graduation insights)
Support for Alumni through Career Coaching
Potential Student Coverage at Each Institution 100%
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