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Improving one student’s experience in school and chance of success can have a life-long impact on not just that individual, but on greater society. That ripple is why we do what we do. InsideTrack is passionate about student success. Since 2001, we have been dedicated to partnering with colleges and universities to create adaptive student success solutions that generate measurable results. These solutions combine professional coaching, technology and data analytics to increase student enrollment, completion rates, and career readiness.

Our adaptive coaching methodology is based on the latest behavioral science research and knowledge gained from working with more than 2 million students and currently serving more than 4,000 programs. In combination with our uCoach® Platform, our approach optimizes student engagement and generates valuable insights on the student experience through predictive modeling, behavioral analysis and multichannel communication. Join us and the leading institutions, foundations and others working to bring the transformative power of education to all individuals.

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We’re guided in our work by our core values • Abiding optimism in human potential • Open and transparent integrity • Dedication to sustainable impact We’re advocates for and believers in constant improvement. We want it for the students we serve and institutions we partner with. It’s also fundamental to our culture as a company. InsideTrack contributes to and leverages groundbreaking research in education and behavioral science. Every coach pursues ongoing evaluation and training. Wherever and whenever possible, we work to do more and do better.

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A member of the nonprofit
Strada Education Network

We first worked with the Strada Education Network (then known as USA Funds) in 2014 to improve persistence and completion among low-income and first-generation scholarship recipients in Indiana. Since then, Strada has grown into a renowned higher education leader encompassing multiple organizations embracing a shared commitment to Completion with a Purpose®. Joining this innovative network enables us to bring the transformative power of coaching to more students and institutions.

Strada engages in strategic philanthropy, insightful research and social impact investing in organizations whose solutions enhance educational and employment outcomes. Alongside our fellow Strada members, we’ll continue to develop solutions and technology that support student and institutional success by closing achievement gaps and empowering more individuals to thrive on their educational and career journey.

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    The lifeblood of InsideTrack is our people. We believe in lifelong learning, we’re big on freedom of expression and we encourage each other to innovate and create new ways to meaningfully improve peoples' lives.

    Amy Shackelford

    Associate Vice President Partner Success

    Wakashan West

    Associate Vice President Partner Success

    Colleen Arrey

    Associate Vice President Partner Success

    Taylor Jabour

    Success Coach

    Carrie Lockhert

    Associate Vice President Partner Success

    Emilia Gilroy-Sander

    Success Coach

    Cory Kirshner-Lira

    Success Coach

    Ed Neelley

    Associate Vice President Partner Success

    Hayley Kimble

    Success Coach

    Jessica Hector

    Associate Vice President Partner Success

    Lisa Thompson

    Success Coach

    Mike Embry

    Associate Vice President Partner Success

    Tina Jones

    Success Coach

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