Our coaching programs provide tailored, scalable support for every stage of the student journey.

Adaptive and technology-enabled, InsideTrack’’s student coaching programs flex to meet the needs of each student and institution, and are designed to improve enrollment, persistence, completion and career readiness.

  • Prospective

    • Prospective Student Coaching

      Improve yield and enroll students prepared to succeed at your institution.

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    • Strong Start Coaching

      Reduce summer melt and help students start their college journey off on the right foot.

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  • Active

    • Strong Start Coaching

      Reduce summer melt and help students start their college journey off on the right foot.

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    • Retention Coaching

      Improve engagement, persistence, completion and satisfaction while learning insights about the student experience.

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    • Re-Enrollment & Re-Entry Coaching

      Bring students back to your institution so they can fulfill their dreams of graduating.

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    • Career Coaching

      Prepare students to thrive in today’s marketplace by supporting their career development at every stage.

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  • Alumni

    • Career Coaching

      Prepare students to thrive in today’s marketplace by supporting their career development at every stage.

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Improve institutional outcomes one student at a time

InsideTrack Coaching equips every student to make the most of what your institution offers. Students learn to thrive in the classroom and beyond, and graduate into choice-filled lives.

Coaching supports the entire student experience.

Our proprietary coaching methodologies and uCoach® Platform meaningfully engage with students and generate valuable insights for institutions.

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Behavioral transformation leads to better outcomes.

Grounded in the latest advances in change science, InsideTrack Coaching helps students develop the habits and practices that drive lasting success.

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Quality of our coaches is unparalleled.

Every InsideTrack coach undergoes a rigorous, formal certification and credentialing process based on decades of educational and behavioral science research.

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Coaching Solutions For:

  • Traditional

  • Distance

  • Community College

  • Military

  • Underrepresented

  • Adult



Coaching sets traditional students on track to succeed in college and beyond.

  • Coached students are clearer about goals and potential obstacles.
  • Coaching helps students manage finances and other outside-of-school commitments.
  • Coached students learn to effectively use campus services like academic advising.
  • When students feel supported, they are more likely to recommend their institutions.
  • Coaching helps institutions better understand the student experience.
  • Student insights from coaching drive institutional improvement.


Improvement in student retention at a public four-year institution



Coaching keeps distance learners connected to their educational goals.

  • Multichannel communication effectively supports distance learners.
  • Texting and email provide anytime, anywhere support.
  • Coaching sessions help distance learners balance school, work and family life.
  • Coaching helps students develop a sense of accountability for their education.
  • Coaching improves students’ engagement with their institution.
  • Coaching insights help institutions meet the unique needs of distance learners.


Increase in enrollment conversion at a large public university’s online campus

Community College

Community College

Coaching helps community college students stay on the pathway to success.

  • Coaching tells students that their school is investing in their success.
  • Coaching helps community college students successfully transition to their next steps.
  • Students are better equipped to learn vital skills for workforce preparation.
  • Staying focused on academic goals helps more students transition to four-year schools.
  • Noncognitive skill development prepares students for success in college and beyond.
  • Insights into the two-year student journey help institutions provide more tailored support.


Improvement in student retention at a public two-year institution



Coaching helps institutions serve those who serve our country.

  • InsideTrack coaches an increasing number of military and military-connected students.
  • Our tailored approach supports active duty, reservists, veterans and military families.
  • Coaches help students plan in advance for deployments or off-base exercises.
  • Coaches help students secure benefits and connect to institutional resources.
  • Coaches help students apply their skills earned in service to college life and beyond.
  • Insights about the military student experience help guide institutional decision-making.


Increase in graduation at a private military-serving institution



Coaching helps more underrepresented students pursue their college and career goals.

  • Recruitment and enrollment support helps more students access higher education.
  • Coaching for retention empowers active students to persist and graduate.
  • With coaching, students gain clarity into their goals and develop a plan to achieve them.
  • Coaching insights help institutions better serve underrepresented students.
  • Coaching helps institutions create a culture of belonging and support.
  • Insights reveal opportunities to increase diversity and better allocate resources.


Increase in first-year retention among underrepresented students at a public four-year institution



Coaching helps adult students reconnect with higher education.

  • Proactive outreach brings more adult students back to school.
  • With tailored success programs, students receive the support they need to graduate.
  • Coaches helps adult students recognize and balance their competing priorities.
  • Coaching helps students clarify their goals so they budget their time effectively.
  • Personalized support cultivates each student’s sense of belonging at the institution.
  • InsideTrack’s adult-specific insights help inform institutional decision-making.


Increase in enrollment at a private adult-focused institution