Clark University Launches Program to Grow Enrollment and Ensure a Strong Start for Working Adult Students

Massachusetts Research University partners with student success experts, InsideTrack, to increase applications, reduce melt and better prepare incoming learners

WORCESTER, MASS. (July 11, 2019) — Clark University, a leading private research university in Massachusetts, announced today the launch of a new program to help graduate and professional students navigate the application process, successfully enroll and prepare for their studies.  The program is part of the university’s broader effort to grow enrollment of working adult students and better support them in their success as it prepares to launch its first fully-online programs in Fall 2019.

Through a partnership with InsideTrack, professional enrollment coaches will engage prospective students through phone, email and text outreach to help them select the right program, complete the enrollment process and develop plans for balancing work, family and academic commitments. InsideTrack’s coaches and consultants will also help university leaders leverage the data and insights gained through coaching to make more data-informed operational decisions.

Founded in 1887 as the first all-graduate institution in the country, Clark today provides students with a rigorous liberal arts curriculum within the context of a research experience that addresses social and scientific challenges on a global scale. With a strong regional, national and international academic reputation, the university is ranked fifth among small research universities by US News & World Report.

“By supporting students in making well-informed enrollment decisions and preparing for a strong start, we greatly enhance their long-term success,” said John G. LaBrie, Dean and Associate Provost for Professional Education at Clark University. “Partnering with InsideTrack accelerates the pace at which we can enhance the services for our students and enables us to benefit from their deep expertise in meeting the needs of adult and online learners.”

According to research from the Strada-Gallup Education Consumer Pulse Survey, more than 50 percent of students said they regretted at least one major educational choice, such as selecting an institution or major. Clark is one of a growing number of institutions enlisting professional enrollment coaches to help students explore potential careers, identify the best-fit program and successfully navigate the enrollment process.

For nearly 20 years, InsideTrack has worked with colleges and universities nationwide to enhance student enrollment, persistence, completion and career readiness. A member of the nonprofit Strada Education Network, InsideTrack’s seasoned team of professional coaches, trainers and consultants enables institutions to realize immediate impact as they build for the future.

“Working adults are increasingly looking to advance their career opportunities through further education, but navigating the program selection, enrollment and transition process can be daunting,” said Carrie Lockhert, Associate Vice President of Partner Success at InsideTrack. “It’s clear that Clark University is committed to supporting all students in making the most of their educational opportunities. It’s an honor to work with such a student-centric institution.”


About Clark University

Clark University was founded in 1887 as the first all-graduate institution in the country. For more than 130 years, Clark University has thrived at the nexus of world-class teaching, boundary-pushing discovery, and creative invention. Today, Clark promotes a rigorous liberal arts curriculum within the context of a research experience that addresses social and scientific challenges on a global scale. Here in Worcester, Massachusetts — in the heart of New England — we teach students to become imaginative, engaged citizens of the world, and to advance the frontiers of knowledge and understanding. We’re privately funded, coeducational, and nonsectarian, and we offer bachelor’s, master’s, certificate, and doctoral degree programs in a wide range of academic disciplines.


About InsideTrack

InsideTrack is passionate about student success. We partner with colleges and universities to improve enrollment, persistence, completion and career readiness. Our student support methodology uncovers first hand feedback about student goals and challenges. Through strategic guidance, staff training and student coaching, we help institutions turn this feedback into actionable insights that drive better student outcomes. As a member of the nonprofit Strada Education Network, we offer partners access to a comprehensive range of student success solutions as well as the latest research and insights on student success. We’ve supported more than 2 million students since 2001 and currently serve over 4,000 programs. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @InsideTrack.

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