Oregon – December 14, 2011 – By Molly Young, The Oregonian

At InsideTrack in downtown Portland, the year-end cash came with a different condition. The educational coaching company told employees last week that it would reimburse as much as $125 of any purchase made on locally made goods.

“The more local, the better,” chief executive Alan Tripp said. “We could have given away Amazon gift certificates, but then most of the stuff there is actually made in China.”

One worker plans to spend the cash to make Christmas dinner with Portland products. Another wants to give gifts from local breweries and wineries. The company set up an internal blog to share stories about the purchases.

Tripp himself is eyeing a Pendleton wool hat to buy with his $125.

With 300 workers at InsideTrack’s Portland office, it’s a potential $37,500 for local retailers. Another 75 employees in its San Francisco headquarters received the year-end cash, as well.

“It does make you think, if every single company did this, it would have some impact,” Tripp said.

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