Higher Education News Bulletin August 18, 2011
Vol. 1, Issue 33
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Are on-campus living costs driving students online?
Higher living expenses, including rent, food, utilities and transportation may deter students and their parents from pursuing the traditional on-campus post-secondary educational experience. The College Board estimates that in 2011 the average college student's living expenses will be $17,820 for nine months and $23,770 for a full year.


HBCUs recruiting more non-black students to boost enrollment
In order to boost enrollment and make up funding shortfalls, many historically black colleges and universities are beginning to recruit white and Hispanic high school students, offering more flexible class schedules and a diverse group of classmates.

Regional Focus

Texas higher ed 9% budget cut may impede creation of human capital
Critics argue that governor Rick Perry's nine percent cut to the Texas public university system's budget may interfere with the development of the skilled workforce necessary to boost the state's economy. 

Okla. lawmaker and chancellor face off on tuition increases

Oklahoma State Legislature Rep. Tom Newell has expressed his disappointment with the State Regents for planned tuition and fee increases across the Oklahoma university system, arguing that affordable higher education is key to improving economic outcomes for the state's residents. However, Higher Education Chancellor Glen Johnson responded that the increases were essential in light of record enrollment rates and higher operating costs. 



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InsideTrack is proud to announce the launch of our new blog, a forum for higher education decision makers and thought leaders offering a broad range of news, opinions, research and interactive content.

Mr. Whittaker Goes to Washington
InsideTrack Director of Program Development, Khori Whittaker recently got the opportunity to meet with United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and other senior policy advisors on August 16th in Washington, D.C., at a policy briefing organized by Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE).




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