San Francisco, CA, September 9, 2010 — InsideTrack, Inc. ( announced today that Golden Gate University ( has selected InsideTrack to provide Prospective Student Coaching for adults interested in pursuing the completion of an undergraduate degree on campus or through its nationally recognized online CyberCampus. The InsideTrack Coaching Program will work with GGU prospective undergraduate students in developing a vision of what they want from college, support them in navigating the enrollment process, and prepare them for success as adult learners at GGU.

Golden Gate University prepares individuals to lead and serve by providing high-quality, practice-based educational programs in business and management, information technology, taxation, and law in an innovative and challenging learning environment that embraces professional ethics and diversity. Courses are designed to engage adult students in real-world business situations and to prepare them to compete in a competitive marketplace.

“Golden Gate’s mission as a non-profit university is to offer exceptional practice-based programs using the most current technologies in an effort to prepare our students to make immediate contributions to their profession” said Barbara Karlin, Vice President of Academic Affairs. “We know our prospective undergraduate student has most likely traveled a long educational road by the time they reach us. The addition of InsideTrack’s Coaching services reinforces GGU’s commitment to providing these working adults with a network of the best educational services and resources in support of their decision to complete their degree. Together with our students, we believe education is their key to enter or advance in their chosen profession and be successful upon graduation.”

Kai Drekmeier, Founder and President of InsideTrack, commented, “Golden Gate University has a long history of meeting the unique educational needs of working students. We are proud to be partnering with GGU to help expand its reach to undergraduates and help them achieve their lifelong goals.”

InsideTrack Coaching services increase enrollment and graduation rates, while enhancing the student experience and providing actionable data and insights that universities can use for strategic decision making. InsideTrack Coaches empower students to make the most of their educational opportunities, through personalized, one-on-one coaching services designed to maximize their long-term academic and professional success.

About InsideTrack, Inc.

InsideTrack is the nation’s premier provider of student coaching services. Our mission is to improve student engagement, persistence, and success. InsideTrack has coached more than 250,000 students nationally. Our clients include Chapman University, Florida State University, Franklin University, and Northern Arizona University. To learn more about InsideTrack, please visit:

About Golden Gate University

For 110 years, Golden Gate University has provided students the tools for achieving their academic, professional, and personal goals with a new momentum. With flexible scheduling, worldwide access through the award-winning, online CyberCampus and innovative programs in accounting, business, taxation and law, students are given the resources and support to achieve their undergraduate and graduate degrees at their own pace and in tandem with an ever-changing marketplace. Golden Gate University is accredited by the Western Association for Schools and Colleges and its law school is accredited by the American Bar Association. As California’s fifth largest private university and a non-profit institution, Golden Gate University was established 1901 in San Francisco and has satellite teaching sites throughout the west coast. For more information, visit