InsideTrack is a mission driven organization seeking to increase the number of students who go to college and graduate prepared for success

InsideTrack Founders

“We founded InsideTrack because we believe in the transformative power of education to strengthen individuals, their families, their communities and society as a whole.”

Alan Tripp and Kai Drekmeier

Then and Now Entire Company
Kai Drekmeier

Kai Drekmeier on InsideTrack’s mission, purpose, and impact

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Alan Tripp

InsideTrack Founder and Chairman Alan Tripp on how coaching motivates students to excel

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James Cleveland

James Cleveland on the early days of InsideTrack

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We are guided in our work each day by our core beliefs

We believe that all individuals and organizations can continue to grow and improve throughout their lives.

We believe in the power of education to change people’s lives and improve our world.

We believe that recognition, encouragement and clarity of purpose are essential to success.

We believe that organizations have a responsibility to foster individual success by providing the systems, support and culture that will help people thrive.

We believe that feedback and measurement foster self awareness, which is essential for the growth and improvement of individuals and organizations.

We believe that coaching significantly enhances the benefits and opportunities that education provides.

  • We attract, retain, and develop outstanding people

  • Our management team, board members and partners share a
    strong commitment to our mission

  • InsideTrack is always looking for talented, hardworking people to help us
    shape the future of higher education, one relationship at a time


    InsideTrack cultivates a supportive workplace and
    offers extensive training and professional
    development opportunities for all team members.
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